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Category Archives: Real Estate

Portugal Golden Visa changes for 2022

11 Jun 2022
This article is the ultimate source regarding Portugal Golden Visa changes in 2022. We keep you informed of all the ...
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Resort property boom in Algarve

10 Jun 2022
The number of sales in resorts increased by 70 percent in 2021 compared to 2020. According to the biannual report “ ...
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The demand of real estate in Portugal is on the rise

10 Jun 2022
The demand for property for sale is on the rise in Portugal and this is reflected in the length of time homes are o ...
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A record year for visitors and the property market is still vibrant

21 Nov 2019
The summer in this region of the Algarve was, albeit not the warmest, definitely one of the most exciting, as both ...
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The property market is developing again

10 Jul 2019
In these uncertain and unpredictable times it is always reassuring to have some financial security in life. More an ...
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No need to panic!!

09 Jul 2019
The question of residency rights has been a topic of discussion for months, however, a definitive decision has now ...
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A Spring in the step of the property market

08 Feb 2019
What a beautiful time of the year Spring in the Algarve is. Almond trees are in full bloom once again, soon the uns ...
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Another Year in the Golden Triangle Property World

10 Sep 2018
So another year in the Golden Triangle property world has drawn to an end. Dependent upon the many varied opinions, ...
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